News last update:6 Aug 2012

New sustainable solution for shrimps

Advanced BioNutrition Corp.(ABN) launched AquaGrow® for shrimp, a mix of 100% sustainable ingredients to be used in shrimp feed.

Although U.S. and European retailers are pressuring the industry to offer sustainably raised seafood, shrimp farmers and feed manufacturers had to rely on non-sustainable marine ingredients like fish meal and fish oil to provide optimal growth of shrimp. 

Natural sources

AquaGrow® for Shrimp provides a balance of key omega-3 fatty acids from natural sources, including microalgae, that are essential for the optimal growth and development of the shrimp. For the first time this enables the production of feeds to meet the needs of consumers worldwide who desire sustainable farmed seafood products.

Correct blend
According to Robert A. Bullis, an aquatic veterinarian and ABN's Director of Animal Health and Regulatory Affairs, "AquaGrow® for Shrimp has been developed and field-tested over several years under a number of different conditions in tanks and ponds, both in the United States and Thailand. We have now developed the correct blend of natural components that, in combination with lower cost vegetable proteins, enables the total replacement of fishmeal and fish oil in shrimp feeds, while providing equivalent growth and health in the farm-raised shrimp." Dr. David Kyle, President of ABN, said, "Because the microalgae are grown in a clean, traceable, and sustainable fashion using conventional fermentation, the product can be produced at a scale that meets the needs of the entire world's shrimp farming industry and farmers and manufacturers who are focusing on the sustainable seafood market now have a tool that enables them to meet market demands."

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