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Pancosma celebrates its 60 anniversary

In 2007, Pancosma celebrates the 60th anniversary of it foundation in Geneva, Switzerland.

The global feed additive company Pancosma started as Laboratoires Pancosma, Sixty years later, the company has established affiliates in France, Spain, Canada, USA and Mexico with Russia, Vietnam and China planned for the near future. These companies are supported by a network of distributors in over fifty different countries.

Palatants and plant extracts

Since its formation the core business of Pancosma has been the production of feed palatants. In addition, the company has made considerable investments in researching the application of plant extracts in animal feeding programmes. The products are marketed under the Xtract brand name, with formulations for both ruminants and monogastrics. In tandem new forms of organic trace minerals have been introduced as B-Traxim 2C, B-Traxim TEC and B-Traxim Se.

Quality certificates
The company was one of the first feed additive manufacturers to achieve the four most important quality system accreditations now accepted as essential requisites for a successful operation within the feed industry. These certifications are ISO 14001, ISO 9001, HACCP and FAMI-QS. This quality policy is mirror-imaged with the adoption of the ISO-FUSION™ Technology (IFT) manufacturing process which ensures all products exist in a totally homogeneous form.

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