News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pintaluba steps into European market

Andres Pintaluba S.A., a Spanish company in feed additives distribution and the production of medicated premix, is about to strengthen its position in the rest of Europe.

Andres Pintaluba S.A., already one of the biggest in Spain is ready to enter the rest of Europe with thier enzymes Endofeed and Amylofeed.

Do to this succesfully, Materias y Actividades S. L. (MyA), part of the Pintaluba Group appointed J. Ignacio Fernandez as Technical Export Manager to be responsible for the European Markets.

With this new project, Andres Pintaluba S.A. consolidates its internationalization, which is already the case due to subsidiaries in Portugal, Argentina and Brazil.

About the products
Endofeed is EU registred and is used in broilers and laying hens. Amylofeed has EU registration for use in piglets.

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