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Turnover and profit setback for Evialis

Annual turnover of French agriculture group Evialis in 2006 slipped more than €10 million to €637 million compared to the previous year. For the whole of the accounting period, Group turnover amounts to €637 million, against €647.3 million for 2005. On a like-for-like basis, it amounts to €627.6 million.

This decline is explained in particular by the fall in the French market, which was strongly disturbed by the avian flu virus, and mild weather which favoured outdoor grazing for ruminants over the final quarter.

Reduction in profit
These events explain the figure for gross profit margin at €194.4m, reduction of €16.8m from 2005, which on top of the volumes issue relates to the difficulties encountered to pass over the total amount of raw material price increases to sales prices over the last quarter.
The steps taken to optimise the organisation engaged in France made it possible to reduce operating costs, and to attenuate the decline in current operating profit at €8.5 m, a reduction of €4m compared with 2005.
After financial costs of €2.5m and income tax of €1.5m, group consolidated net profit comes out at €3.9m.

Nutrea makes negative contribution
As for Nutréa (34% owned by Evialis, and 66% owned by Unicopa), its volumes of poultry feed were largely affected by the avian flu virus which involved a significant drop in consumption in France and the temporary closure of many export markets. These exceptional events explain the loss sustained over the accounting period.
For the premix and specialties segment the French business activities resisted overall in spite of the avian flu virus and strong competition on the home mixers market. On the other hand, exports registered a progression of 18% in sales.
Internationally Evialis' subsidiaries in Brazil (ruminants, horses), Romania (ruminants), Poland (poultry), Vietnam (pigs, aquaculture), South Africa (premixes) and Southern Europe business suffered from disease outbreaks, but could maintain their market positions.

Outlook for 2007
In a difficult economic situation and to face up to the erosion of the French market, Evialis has clearly expressed in its strategic objectives defined in its CAP 2010 plan, the need to reinforce the international side of its business activities.
The group is working on several other external acquisition projects, aiming to strengthen, in priority its international development and, on occasion, when appropriate, consolidating existing positions, whilst at the same time paying attention to retain sound equilibrium across the Group Balance sheet.

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