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Growth in Chinese feed enzyme market

Research and Markets has announced the addition of a new reprt: "China Feed Enzyme Market 2006 – 2007" to their portfolio. Especially the use of phytase has increased tremedously to 5,600 tonnes annually (up 24.4%), according to the data published in this report.

Feed enzymes were first introduced in China in 1989, and after years of developing the market, it has become widely accepted in 2000 by many in the animal farming industry and achieved rapid growth in 2003. The growth of compound enzymes however started to stagnate in 2004, while phytase started to experience explosive growth, making the latter the most sought after feed additive for 3 years straight.

Consumption figures
The annual consumption of feed enzymes in 2006 hit 20,100 tonnes. 12,800 tonnes of compound enzymes (multiple single unit enzymes or a single unit enzyme with many components) were used (a slight drop of 1.5% from 2005) to process 14.44 million tonnes of feed, a market penetration of 14.7% (same as 2005).

For single unit enzymes (digestive enzyme and non-starch polysaccharides), 1,700 tonnes were used (a huge increase of 79%) while the amount of phytase used was 5,600 tonnes (which is a 24.4% growth rate). 33.54 million tonnes of feed were processed, a market penetration of 34.1% (a slight drop compared to 2005).
The market value of China feed enzymes hit RMB464 million (€44.7 million) in 2006, of which compound enzymes were worth RMB262 million (€25.3 million)(a growth of 2.34% from 2005). Phytase which had increased tremendously only had a market value of RMB 143 million (€13.8 million) (a drop of 18.8% from 2005).

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