News last update:6 Aug 2012

Report: UK grain industry not efficient

Inefficiency in the UK cereals supply chain is costing the industry almost £1 million (€1.47m) a week and cereal manufacturers are partly to blame, according to a new report from the Centaur Grain group.

The 'Against the Grain' report blames this £40 million (€59.1m) waste per year on factors such as rejected loads, unnecessary waiting times, inefficient storage and inconsistent haulage operations but claims it is not just the growers who need to address these issues.

How to improve?
More needs to be done by all sections of the industry to prevent waste on this scale say Centaur, a grain marketing business which collaborated with English Farming & Food Partnerships (EFFP) to produce the research.
In order to further mitigate supply chain loss, Centaur suggest concentrating on a number of areas. The group urges farmers to identify ways of adding value to crops and differentiating manufacturers' brands, working in tune with consumer trends.

In addition, the system should be simplified with processors and manufacturers consolidating their supply base and implementing a best practice supply chain.

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