News last update:6 Aug 2012

Steady growth remains for Buhler

The Buhler Technology Group showed a steady growth throughout 2006. Order bookings increased by about 10%, amounting to CHF 1.69 billion (€1.03 billion) by the end of 2006.

Consolidated Group sales, which totalled CHF 1.6 billion (€.098 billion), also developed in a similarly positive manner over the previous year. The operating result rose at a higher-than-proportional rate compared with the year before.

Growth in Asia
The service business in Asia grew by 15% over the previous year and Buhler in Asia by about 30%. But also in its traditional markets – Europe and the U.S. – sales volumes increased by 13 and 18%, respectively.

About Buhler
Buhler is a global Technology Group and the system partner for the supply of plant, equipment, and process know-how in the fields of Food Processing, Chemical Engineering, and Die Casting, with some 6,000 employees worldwide.

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