News last update:6 Aug 2012

Diamond V launches selenium for cows

Diamond V has launched an organic selenium product support dairy cattle performance.

The combination of nutritional metabolites and bioavailable selenium makes new DiaMune Se truly a unique product, says Bruce Hageman, Diamond V Director of Marketing and Sales Services.

In research, DiaMune Se enhanced volatile fatty acid (VFA) levels inside the rumen environment. VFAs are manufactured by rumen microbes and are the primary drivers of milk and milk component production. Along with improving productivity, higher VFA levels also enhance rumen performance, leading to improved dry matter intake and feed efficiency.

Selenium deficiency 
Animals deficient in selenium can exhibit symptoms (or problems) such as white muscle disease, mastitis, metritis, retained fetal membranes and cystic ovaries. Adding Selenium to the animal diet can help overcome these obstacles.

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