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FDA warns for botulinium toxin in pet food

The recall concerning the presence of the botulinium toxin in Castleberry's hot dog chili has now been expanded to pet food.

The expanded recall includes 4 pet food brands, produced by Castleberry Food Company of Augusta, Georgia, USA. The FDA is warning consumers not to purchase any of the pet food products listed in the table below.

Natural Balance Eatables dog food varieties:

Irish Stew with Beef Dog Food

15 OZ


Chinese Take Out with Sauce with Vegetables and Chicken Dog Food

15 OZ


Southern Style Dumplings with Gravy with Chicken and Vegetables Dog Food

15 OZ


Hobo Chili with Chicken Pasta Dog Food

15 OZ


Clinical signs in pets
Exposure to botulinum toxin can be fatal and two people in Texas and two people in Indiana remain seriously ill and hospitalized with botulism poisoning associated with eating Castleberry's Hot Dog Chili Sauce. The disease has only been seen occasionally in dogs and has not been reported in cats. Ferrets are highly susceptible to botulinum toxin. The incubation period can be 2 hours to 2 weeks; in most cases, the symptoms appear after 12 to 24 hours. Typical clinical signs may include muscle paralysis, difficulty breathing, chewing and swallowing, visual disturbances and generalized weakness may also occur. Death usually results from paralysis of the respiratory or cardiac muscles.

Pet owners who have used these products and whose pets have these symptoms should contact their veterinarian immediately. At this time we are not aware of pet illnesses associated with these products although we recommend that all these products should be discarded.

Castleberry recommends consumers with any questions or concerns about this recall should go to Castleberry’s website or call Castleberry’s consumer hotline at 1-800-203-4412 or 1-888-203-8446.

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