News last update:6 Aug 2012

Catfish Group tightens feed quality control

The Catfish Farmers Association of Nigeria (Cafan) has instituted a national Fishfeed Evaluation Committee as part of its efforts to stop the importation, sales and distribution of foul fish feeds in Nigeria.

The committee is expected to make recommendations, to be enforced by government, on how to stop the importation of expired fishfeed into the country.

Chairman of the committee, Dr. Samuel Talabi, said that a list of feeds will be produced, which will be recognised by Cafan as accredited brands of fish feed.

Cafan president, Chief Tayo Akingbolagun, said the committee became necessary, given the volume of foul feed circulating within the industry.

Banning sub standard feeds
Akingbolagun's prime effort will be to outright ban importation of sub-standard feed or feed which use-by-date is expired on arrival.

"The lifespan of most feed should not be more than six months. But the situation is usually that the feeds would have spent more time in the manufacturers' stores overseas before they export them to Africa after failing to sell them in their country", he said.

What happens is that importers clean up the batch numbers and expiration dates with new numbers and dates.

Dumping ground
"This initiative will strive to stop the trend of using our country as a dumping ground," Akingbolagun stressed.

The committee, among other terms, is to propose how fish feed should be packaged and labelled to indicate their composition, batch numbers, expiry and manufacture dates.

Another task will be to set up a procedure for fish feed evaluation in order to ascertain suitability, quality and price in the Nigerian market.

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