News last update:6 Aug 2012

Leiber expands yeast production facility

Leiber, German manufacturer of yeast is expanding its yeast production facilities in Germany, to meet greater market demand in the food sector.

The company has over 50 years of history supplying to the animal feed market. But is a relatively recent entrant into food, in the last five years. To meet the demand, the company is enlarging its existing base in Bramsche, Germany, which will be ready in April.

The demand is partly a result of customer interest in natural, quality and healthy extracts in the food industry, claimed Dr Brandl and partly a facet of the market; manufacturers are tending to prefer yeast extracts to monosodium glutamate and hydrolysed vegetable protein, as they come with clean-label (no E-number) benefits.

As for Leiber's longer term plans, it is likely to expand production into more regions. It already has a daughter company in Poland, but may consider moves into Asia and North America.

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