News last update:6 Aug 2012

FDA allows functionality claim for live yeast

The Center for Veterinary Medicine of the FDA has agreed to allow an important functionality claim for live yeast applied in ruminant feeding.

The claim allowed is, "to aid in maintaining cellulolytic bacteria population in the rumen of animals fed greater than 50% concentrate." This claim has been earned following the submission of an extensive research dossier including innovative data from Levucell SC live rumen specific yeast (Lallemand Animal Nutrition) and its effect on fiber degrading bacteria.

Volatile fatty acids
Maintaining cellulolytic bacteria numbers is essential: they are able to digest fiber from the forages fed; they are important in the production of volatile fatty acids, particularly those responsible for the production of milk fat; and they help maintain a balanced and healthy rumen environment.

The fiber degradation benefits have a tangible benefit for producers: a healthier rumen environment, through improved cellulolytic bacteria numbers, can improve profitability to the dairy and beef producer.

More research
Following approval of this exciting claim Lallemand will continue to research the relationship between live yeast and fiber digestibility. Two new trials were completed last year.

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