News last update:6 Aug 2012

Renewed licensing agreement for Probios®

Bomac Vets Plus, Inc., animal health product developer and manufacturer, and Chr. Hansen, microbial product manufacturer, recently renewed a five-year licensing agreement for Probios® brand animal health products. Under this agreement, Bomac Vets Plus has exclusive use of Chr. Hansen's beneficial bacteria strains in manufacturing and marketing Probios® brand products. In return, Bomac Vets Plus utilizes its research, development, manufacturing, and marketing strengths to grow the brand.

Probios® is a Direct Fed Microbial (DFM), containing guaranteed levels of beneficial bacteria. Direct Fed Microbial products help animals maintain healthy microbial balance and are used as stress recovery aids and daily supplements. Bomac Vets Plus manufactures Probios® brand products for both food and companion animals, including gels, tablets, treats, boluses, suspensions, feed granules, and dispersible powders.

The two companies signed a five-year licensing agreement in 2002, and a renewal agreement began in August 2007. "Our company has experienced explosive growth since we signed our first agreement" says company President and CEO Raj Lall. "In 2008, our first quarter Probios® brand sales were up 26 percent from our 2007 first quarter."

Bomac Vets Plus brought eight Probios® brand products to the market in 2002, quickly expanding its base to 51 products. Most recently, Bomac Vets Plus released lines of dog and horse treats, gaining placement in major retail locations like Wal-Mart, PetSmart, and Tractor Supply Company. The renewed licensing agreement extends to the company's new subsidiary, Bomac Vets Plus (India) Private Limited (BVPL), allowing it to manufacture and market Probios® brand products to India and other international markets.

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