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Levucell SC gets EU approval for lambs

The ruminant specific yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae I-1077 (Levucell® SC20 and Levucell® SC 10ME) from Lallemand Animal Nutrition is now authorised by the European Authorities for use as a zootechnical feed additive for fattening lambs.

This new use for Levucell SC is backed by a European dossier gathering several trials conducted is different European countries under various breeding conditions: various lamb species and type of diets. The European Food Safety Authority has recognised Levucell SC efficacy to produce a beneficial effect on lambs final weight and average daily gain. Levucell SC modes of action in ruminants are documented by over 40 publications based on over 15 years of scientific research in partnership with the French agronomy research institute (INRA) and other international research institutions. Levucell®SC rumen specific yeast is also authorised in Europe without time limit in bovines destined to milk and meat production since September 2005 and in dairy small ruminants (goat and ewe) since 2007.

The lambs trials conducted in France, Italy and Spain show that Levucell SC improves the average daily weight gain by 9.1% on average. These zootechnical benefits are linked to the metabolic activity of this particular yeast strain in the rumen and its interactions with the rumen endogenous microflora. Indeed, Levucell SC yeast strain (SC I-1077) has been selected among thousands of natural yeast strains for its activity in the rumen. Concerning breeding of young ruminants, its benefits occur at three key levels. First of all, several studies from INRA have shown that Levucell SC yeast strain is able to accelerate and optimize the establishment of the rumen microflora in young ruminants. Many scientific studies show that Levucell SC yeast strain improves fibres digestibility in the rumen and thus optimizes the diet feed efficiency through optimal fibres valorisation. Finally, Levucell SC is largely documented for its effects on rumen pH stabilization and the prevention of rumen acidosis.

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