News last update:7 Aug 2012

Carotenoid Technologies launches aqua additive

Carotenoid Technologies (CaroTech®) of the IQF Group in Tarragona, Spain has launched in 2008 its line of NEXT Enhance 150 for the aquafeed industry.

Previous university-sponsored studies have shown significant performance results in feeding trials with white shrimp under stress challenge from Vibrio and Aeromonas.  Now, studies conducted by the University of Kasetsart in Thailand and the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom have shown the feeding benefits of the product as early as the larval stage in fish.

At the Ecuatorian Conference of Aquaculture AQUA 2009 from October 12-15 in Guayaquil, Dr. Chris Kamel will present, “The effect of the feeding of encapsulated thymol and carvacrol in low-protein diets for hybrid catfish fry on performance under normal and disease challenge conditions.”  This feeding trial was conducted over one month with a challenge from Aeromonas hydrophilla over the last 7 days.

Supplementation with encapsulated thymol and carvacrol (NEXT Enhance® 150) at 15 g/t and 30 g/t yielded significant benefits on reducing mortality under normal conditions of 15.5% and 40.6%, respectively. Additional benefits were seen on reducing mortality by up to an additional 19.3% under the final 7-day stress challenge. Other dose-dependent effects were observed on growth, feeding efficiency, and protein efficiency. 

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