News last update:6 Aug 2012

Eukanuba celebrates 40 years with prebiotics

The pet food company Eukanuba celebrates its 40th anniversary -- and pet health -- by showcasing its line of prebiotic pet foods.

"Prebiotics feed the good bugs in the intestine system," said Eukanuba's Jason Taylor. "Dogs have healthier guts, healthier immune systems."

Taylor says the food is good for both dogs and cats, and is not breed specific. However, he also acknowledged that some types of animals have special nutritional requirements, which he says is why Eukanuba also stocks products geared towards individual dogs and cats.

"It could be because those breeds are predisposed to certain medical conditions, or it could be because something about the breed or their hair coat, and they need special benefits in their diets," he said.

Of course, high-end pet food can come with a higher price tag. Many owners are hesitant to spend more at the pet store, especially during the current economic downturn. Taylor agrees that premium food can cost more, but points out that "if you don't invest in your pet's nutrition, it will come back at the veterinarian."

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