News last update:6 Aug 2012

China-Biotics signs 14 new bulk customers

China-Biotics, Inc.developer, manufacturer and distributor of probiotics products in China, said it has signed 14 new customers for its bulk additives probiotics products.

Among the 14 small to medium sized new customers, one is animal feed manufacturer, five are functional food, nutritional product and pharmaceutical producers, and the remaining eight are dairy companies.
As of the end of November, the total bulk customers increased to 51. Approximately 60% of newly signed customers are located in tier one cities such as Beijing, Tianjin etc.
Jinan Song, Chairman and CEO of China-Biotics, commented, “Following nine-month of mass production and equipment fine-tuning, we are very confident that the safety and stability of our bulk additive products are now becoming our winning ticket to expand market share in China."

Dick Ziggers

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