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Leiber upgrades yeast communication to client

Crisp, up to date and contemporary, this is what German brewers yeast supplier Leiber's new presentation looks like. Communication to the client has received a new image.

After the relaunch of the company logo, the packaging now also matches the new and modern appearance of the manufacturer of brewers yeast products. It focuses on the quality enhancement and benefit of the brand Leiber.
“Right now, we are standing in the early stages of our transformation. After the renewal of our packaging and our company logo we are working on our new internet presence.
“Moreover we will start a new and crisp advertising campaign to highlight our services and the quality of our new products,” Michael von Laer, managing director from Leiber GmbH says.
Family company
Leiber GmbH was founded in 1954 by Franz Leiber. Today the company is still 100% family-owned. In 1989, the company moved its headquarters from Damme to its manufacturing facility in Bramsche in the north of Germany, southwest of Bremen.
Over the years, the company regularly developed new specialty feed products derived from the drying of spent brewers’ yeast. Business units for marketing and drying spent brewers’ grains were added later.
Leiber was one of the first companies to recognize the potential applications of high-grade residual products from the brewing process – spent brewers’ yeast and grains – in the animal feed industry.
Starting with this business concept, the company became a supplier of high-value products to the animal feed industry, as well as a trusted provider of by product removal services to its brewery suppliers.
Brewers yeast
Saccharomyces Cerevisiae is the main constituent of brwerr’s yyeast and is one of the most valuable natural products in the diet of both animals and humans.
In the raising of livestock, keeping animals healthy plays a greater role than ever before. Only with peak productivity can producers hold their ground in the face of increasing competition.
Brewers’ yeast can certainly be counted among the natural alternatives for synthetic performance enhancers such as antibiotics or for animal protein components.
Important constituents such as amino acids, B vitamins, enzymes and minerals occur naturally in brewers yeast and have a very high bioavailability.
This permits more rapid and complete absorption of these active constituents, improving the animal's overall well-being, increasing its fertility, and strengthening its immune system.
Brewers yeast also has multiple applications in the horse racing and pet food industries. Higher endurance, increased activity, better digestion and a healthier hair coat have been the results.
More information is available at Leiber GmbH

Dick Ziggers

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