News last update:6 Aug 2012

Book review: The Minerals Directory – 2nd edition

All information you need on minerals for animal nutrition is collected in this book by Dr Wesley Ewing and Sally Charlton. The guide has an easy to use format, lay flat binding and a robust polypropylene cover.

The Minerals directory covers all the major, trace, minor and toxic minerals in an easy to read style and A-Z listing.
Sections include and introduction to the element and its key natural sources, its function and benefits to the animals, details on absorption, metabolism, excretion and adequate status.
Requirements, deficiency and toxicity are covered by species ranging from poultry, pig cattle, sheep to horses, rabbits and dogs.
Best commercial estimates are given along with NRC requirements.
Interrelationships such as antagonism and synergies are also covered.
The book can be ordered at Context bookshops at the special offer of £28.13 (€36) + delivery costs.

Dick Ziggers

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