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World experts meet for first international phytase summit

A pioneering summit bringing together some of the world's leading academics in the area of phosphorus, phytate and phytase nutrition will take place in Washington DC from 28 – 30 September 2010.

Jointly hosted by AB Vista, Massey University, The University of Maryland and The University of Sydney, the ‘International Phytase Summit’ will be an interactive technical symposium of invited scientific delegates discussing a ‘phytate-free’ paradigm.
The inaugural summit will facilitate and encourage the exploration of a number of phytase-related issues ranging from the strengths and weaknesses of phytases, to implications for their future use.  
Three day debate
Divided into five different discussions, each chaired by an eminent academic, the three-day debate will address key issues relating to phytase biochemistry.  
Discussions will range from the analysis of phytate and phytase, to skeletal integrity and the future of phytase use in animal nutrition.  Delegates will also have the opportunity to network and set collaborative research goals.
Dr. Roselina Angel from the University of Maryland is excited about the university’s participation in the summit.
“Given the importance of phytate in nutrition, the research focus on this area in the last 15 years, and the extensive use of phytase in animal diets, a meeting such as this one is long overdue,” she said. 
“Positive response and interest has been shown from the leaders in the field, enabling us to bring together the world’s experts to share and discuss current knowledge on phytate and phytase. 
“The interactive meeting format will encourage discussion and should result in new ideas.  Our goal of producing a landmark publication containing the papers from the keynote speakers as well as papers resulting from the discussion will, I have no doubt, be at the highest standard of any scientist working in this field.” 
Unique gathering
Associate Professor Aaron Cowieson from The University of Sydney, said: “This is a landmark event, the outcomes of which will radically change the way phytase and phytate are viewed. 
“It is very rare that we are able to gather the world’s top academic authorities in one room and I’m certain that the keynote addresses and subsequent discussion sessions will be dynamic and energetic.  It will not only be a uniquely valuable event, but a lot of fun too.”  
Regional seminars
Following the International Phytase Summit in September, AB Vista will be organising a series of regional seminars, presenting the findings and regional commercial implications direct to the market.  Further information on these regional meetings will be released in due course.

Dick Ziggers

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