News last update:6 Aug 2012

Innov'Space award for DSM Ronozyme ProAct

SPACE, the international trade fair for livestock in Rennes, France, which started today is presenting DSM Nutritional Products with the 2010 Innov'SPACE award.

The distinction is in recognition of the innovative protease Ronozyme ProAct, which was was successfully launched earlier this year in the European Union.
In their constant search for innovation and improved feed utilization, DSM Nutritional Products together with Novozymes have developed this pure protease – a feed enzyme that once again brings added value for all those involved in the broiler industry.
Ronozyme ProAct reduces feed costs by maximizing protein use and improving the nutritional value of broiler feed. Customers can use less crude protein or less high quality grains to formulate, while optimizing the amino acid profile required to maintain or improve animal performance,” comments Stephanie Beaulieu, European Feed Enzyme Category Manager at DSM Nutritional Products.
“Depending on local grain prices, the producer can save € 2–6 per tonne of chicken feed by using the protease. This innovative product unlocks the nutritional value of a large variety of feed proteins by complementing the activity of digestive enzymes such as pepsin and pancreatic proteases.”
Besides its attractive financial benefits, Ronozyme ProAct also offers a clear environmental advantage. By increasing the digestibility of proteins, it reduces emissions of ammonia and other nitrogen compounds into the environment, thereby lessening the environmental impact of animal production.

Dick Ziggers

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