News last update:6 Aug 2012

H.J. Baker launches 'Triple-A formulation program' for poultry feeds

H.J. Baker & Bro., Inc. a producer of high-quality feed ingredients for the poultry industry, announced the launch of their Triple-A Formulation Program.

This proprietary Amino Acid Availability program has been designed with input from leading researchers at major universities to give nutritionists quantifiable nutrient digestibility coefficients: the ultimate assurance they need in reliability, consistency, performance and safety of animal-protein concentrates.
H.J. Baker accomplishes this by accurately formulating their animal-protein concentrates to precise amino acid digestibility specifications, delivering a consistent, stable product, and then conducting live-bird tests to ensure the formulation works as designed.
The Triple-A Formulation Program was developed using an exhaustive three step research process:
  1. The corner stone of the Triple-A Formulation Program is the digestibility database. Through extensive research, H.J. Baker has developed and catalogued one of the most comprehensive libraries of animal-protein amino acid digestibility data available.
  2. To confirm the amino acid digestibility data is representative of ingredients typically being used in their six manufacturing plants, the company has instituted an on-going testing program to analyze and quantify the digestibility levels of amino acids. This stream of information constantly refreshes the historical digestibility values in their formulation data base.
  3. To ensure the accuracy of the digestibility coefficients being used, finished samples of protein concentrates are tested at major universities. This provides continued assurance that the products they are using are performing as designed.
All animal-protein concentrates are shipped with an anti-microbial additive and an antioxidant.
Mark Hohnbaum, President of H.J. Baker's Feed Products Group stated: ““Customers who purchase H.J. Baker's Pro-Plus and Pro-Pak protein concentrates not only get animal-protein formulations based on the most extensive amino acid digestibility data available, but they are able to fine-tune their formulations, thereby maximizing bird performance while minimizing feed cost. Today, it is all about efficiency.”
Headquartered in Westport, Connecticut, USA, H.J. Baker & Bro. is a major supplier in the feed, fertilizer and sulphur industries, with more 20 locations throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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