News last update:6 Aug 2012

Angel Yeast launches Fubon Soluble Yeast Cell Wall in Thailand

Angel Yeast Co. launched at VICTAM 2012 a newly developed efficient immunostimulants---Fubon Soluble Yeast Cell Wall.

Yeast Cell Wall is a well-known efficient natural immune enhancer. Due to the remarkable effect on immune promotion and the tolerance of extreme processes, such as inflated feed, it has been gaining widespread popularity in in feed industry.
Compared with the normal yeast cell wall, the mannan-oligosaccharides content of Fubon Soluble Yeast Cell Wall is more than 40% and the dissolubility up to 95% (by a factor of 2).
Because of the the significant effect on immune promotion, and also the high dissolubility, which is suitable for more convenient feeding method like drinking, the fields of application are expanding.
Angel is one of the world-leading suppliers of yeast and its derivatives.
Fubon is the brand of Angel that focuses on animal nutrition aiming to advocate scientific and health culture and provide yeast source bio-feed and application solutions.

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