News last update:6 Aug 2012

SQM organic trace minerals improve dog food diets

QualiTech Animal Nutrition recently finished a trial showing that fortifying dog food with SQM organic trace minerals optimizes digestibility and improved mineral absorption.

QualiTech found that adding SQM trace minerals into the dog’s diet significantly increased dry matter digestibility by 5% and mineral bioavailability by up to 20%.
A metabolism experiment utilizing a replicated crossover design (with four total periods) was conducted with ten beagle dogs (3 male and 7 female) split into two groups of five and individually housed.
One group of dogs was then designated as the control treatment and fed a diet in which the zinc, copper, and manganese came from sulphated sources.
The other group (SQM) received a diet where the zinc, copper, and manganese were provided by protected SQM.
Individual treatments were administered daily in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. Individual treatments were administered through the liquid coating applied to the dry extruded kibble.
The trace minerals supplied in this manner were formulated to meet AAFCO guidelines for dog foods.
The results of this trial indicate that SQM polysaccharide trace minerals are more bioavailable than sulphates and can effectively be used in dog food diets.
This increase in bioavailability means that more of the zinc, copper, and manganese (9.0%, 20.3%, 8.3%, respectively; P < 0.05) are being absorbed into the animal.
Dry matter digestibility was increased about 5% when dogs received the diets containing SQM trace minerals compared with dogs consuming sulphated trace minerals.
These results also indicate that it may be possible to feed lower concentrations of the organic trace minerals than sulphates to achieve optimum animal health and performance. Finally, the increase in overall dry matter digestibility correlates to decreased stool size.
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Dick Ziggers

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