News last update:6 Aug 2012

Chemaphor anticipates on growing antibiotics resistance

Chemaphor is pursuing a partnering initiative to commercialize non-antibiotic feed additive alternatives to improve productivity and safety in food-producing animals.

Quickening pace of regulatory actions in the US relating to the concern about antimicrobial resistance and common agricultural practices, and the FDA- announcement on a voluntary initiative on labelling antibiotics and used in livestock farming Canadian based Chemaphor Inc. anticipates with its non-antibiotic OxC-beta product.
Dr. Graham Burton, President, commented "With the ban of the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animal feeds in Europe and the anticipated restriction on such use in the US it is important that alternatives be brought forward for producers to help maintain the health of animals and their productivity.
“While the European experience has shown that modifying production practices, such as improving hygiene and reducing crowding, do help, there actually appears to have been an increased need for the approved individual use of antibiotics for arising acute medical situations.
“Clearly, if there were acceptable non-antibiotic alternatives for in-feed use this would be ideal in helping maintain health and levels of productivity in the face of the growing worldwide demand for animal protein in the human diet," he said.
One such possibility is Chemaphor's proprietary OxC-beta, which has shown promising efficacy in clinical trials, particularly under situations with at least some degree of physiological stress, which usually translates into a compromised immune system, as exists under the majority of commercial production conditions.
OxC-beta is a concentrated source of oxidized carotenoid, containing oxidation compounds that occur extensively in the plant world.
Results of clinical trials in animals and in vitro studies indicate OxC-beta helps support immune function, which can result in general overall health improvement.
Explained Dr. Burton, "By supporting immune health and in particular the animals own natural defence mechanisms against microbes, while at the same time mitigating inflammatory conditions, the use of OxC-beta is a new tool that by this means indirectly improves productivity and ultimately the safety of the final product for the consumer.
“It is our intention to bring this opportunity to the attention of producers, feed suppliers, pharmaceutical manufactures and other interested parties alike, as being an important tool for moving forward in helping reduce a major dependency upon antibiotics in agriculture"

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