News last update:6 Aug 2012

New enzymes from Canadian Bio-Systems

For pig and poultry advanced forms of enzymes are improving digestion and reducing the need for antibiotics. Canadian Bio-Systems of Calgary recently released two new products: Superzyme-CS and Superzyme-W.

Superzyme-CS is an enzyme supplement for diets that include proteins from soybean, canola, peas and grain such as barley, wheat and corn.
Superzyme-W is designed for use in feed where 70% or more of the diet is cereal grain or plant protein sources.
Bogdan Slominski, a nutritional biochemist from the University of Manitoba, has worked with Canadian Bio-Systems to develop new products for poultry and piglet diets.
Pigs lack the necessary enzymes to digest certain fibres that have a high level of viscosity. They may not get the full feed value or develop intestinal upset or scours from certain feed. Enzymes can lessen that risk.
“Enzymes have been used for quite some time. This is nothing new,” Slominski said. “We are trying to develop more diversified carbohydrate type of preparations to effectively hydrolyze (break down) certain indigestible components in feed ingredients.”
 “Various products were used to reduce the viscosity in the gut, which was caused by certain polysaccharides in wheat or rye,” he said.
Chickens that eat wheat, barley or rye or animal protein supplements such as fishmeal may require enzymes to improve digestion.
Enzymes and DDGS
Slominski and his colleagues have also added enzymes to improve the digestibility of dried distillers grain.
Broilers could receive 10% DDGs in a normal feed mix, but that could increase to 15% with added enzymes. “If you use enzymes for wheat or corn, why not use them for DDGs,” he said.

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