Dr Eckel to invest €2 million in Brohltal-Ost

Dr Eckel, international feed additives specialist for animal nutrition, is increasing office space for its 40 employees to 700 square metres in the Brohltal-Ost industrial park in Niederzissen, Germany, with an investment set at €2 million for 2013 and 2014.

Over the past 10 years Ahrweiler district authority has granted planning and building permission 6 times for expansion projects and a new production building with a warehouse (2007). ‘Co-operation went extremely smoothly on all the construction projects,’ said chief administrative officer Dr. Jürgen Pföhler on his latest visit to the company. And as is the case for all larger-scale enterprises, the planning permission management team are also on board for the Eckel projects. ‘With this team the district authority provides all prospective investors with a single contact partner who can coordinate the steps leading to permission with the local authority and make sure the procedures are swiftly completed,’ explained Pföhler.

CEO Dr Antje Eckel anticipates ‘with steady double-digit growth’ sales totalling €25 million for the 2013 business year. During the visit of Dr Pföhler accompanied by Brohltal mayor Johannes Bell and Tino Hackenbruch, the business promoter of the district authority, she pointed out that the market share in Germany was now at a stable 25% in the segment covered. ‘It is above all in the Asian market that the export business is growing; the company opened an office in Thailand in 2011,’ she added.

According to Dr Eckel, increasing the office space and optimising production will create additional jobs, especially for agronomists, biologists and business economists. ‘There will be a variable office construction made of wood while the extension work is going on. Our “wooden box” erected by a local firm lets in plenty of natural light and provides space for nine workplaces,’ she says.


  • The company – here its premises with the “wooden box” (on the right) – anticipates sales of 25 million euros this year.

    The company – here its premises with the “wooden box” (on the right) – anticipates sales of 25 million euros this year.


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