News last update:6 Aug 2012

Corn kernel size has minimal impact on yield

Growers have a number of decisions to make prior to planting, but according to agronomy science researchers at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., seed size is the least critical.

Pioneer research concluded that the selection of corn kernel size has the least impact on grain yield of any seed-related choice.

"Kernel size is a decision that concerns some growers," says Tom Doerge, Pioneer agronomy research scientist. "However, the choice of kernel size must be kept in proper perspective with overall crop management goals and year-to-year fluctuations in seed availability. Extensive field research by Pioneer and university scientists has found that kernel size has minimal effect on seed vigor, field emergence or final yield."

Choosing the best crop genetics has the highest impact on corn yield - followed by insect resistance and seed treatment selection.

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