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Kiotech shows positive results in fish trials

Kiotech International plc has been conducting large-scale trials at commercial aquaculture facilities to assess the efficacy of its pheromone-based feeding attractants in full scale commercial situations. Initial results from these trials have been very encouraging.

The trials were carried out in partnership with the UK Government Agency CEFAS (the Centre for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science) and in collaboration with local aquaculture and fish institutes in China and Thailand.

Tilapia trial
At a six month commercial trial, the species Tilapia gained 17% more weight as compared to control. The accelerated rate of fish growth allowed harvesting of Tilapia 3 weeks early. In addition, the fish appeared healthier and the water quality was improved. This trial also showed that secondary crop of White Shrimp (grown in same ponds) yielded significantly higher weights with less disease.

White shrimp trial
A three month commercial trial, White Shrimp were 30% larger on average than the control shrimp. Less feed was required probably due to increased and improved feed uptake by the shrimp resulting in lower food wastage. In addition, shrimp had a lower food conversion ratio (FCR) (more efficient conversion to meat) compared to the control.

These results demonstrate the potential for very significant commercial benefits to the participating farmers operating in multi billion dollar global aquaculture market, as well as producing equally significant environmental benefits. The company is now working on obtaining full regulatory approval for these products and start commercial sales as soon as possible thereafter. A joint venture agreement for production and distribution of the products in China, the largest market for the species covered by the trials is currently under discussion.

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