News last update:6 Aug 2012

Chinese ChemNutra sued by Menu Foods

In a lawsuit filed Menu Foods filed a lawsuit against the Chinese company ChemNutra, Inc that supplied the US company with contaminated ingredients.

Menu Foods is asking for damages substantially in excess of $75, 000. ChemNutra fired back the claim that Menu Foods waited weeks prior to advising them of potential problems.
ChemNutra is concerned that they may have been the victim of deliberate and mercenary contamination. "They didn't tell us or the public what they knew and when they knew it. "If Menu Foods had acted as a responsible corporate citizen, Menu Foods could have saved consumers - and pet owners, specifically - needless pain and suffering" ChemNutro responded.

Clearly, one of the many questions that must be address here is where does the responsibility of the exporter and the recipient of the imported products begin and end. It has long been known that the rules for importing many products are far from stringent. The European Union's rules are stricter in many areas than the US rules, but their system also leaves much to be desired.

Tragically, the recall continues to widen, and although many vets do not suggest home cooking for pets it seems like a viable solution at this point and time. The risk of contaminated pet food being ingested by our pets is just too high.

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