News last update:7 Aug 2012

Dinnissen supplies its 500th Pegasus mixer

Cehave van den Berge in Grobbendonk, Belgium, was the happy buyer of the 500th double shaft Pegasus Mixer from Dinnissen Process Technology.

The versatility of the Pegasus mixer enables Cehave to increase the number of ingredients and products used, while shortening mixing times. This way the Belgium feed compounder increases flexibility and can better adapt to the demand of customers.

Less energy needed
Next to that, savings in energy play an important role. A special Energy Control Program enables manufacturers to mix ingredients with 60% less energy compared to traditional ribbon mixers. In addition, the double shaft paddle mixer has become a real classical piece of equipment within Dinnissens product range. Pegasus mixers can achieve a very homogenous result and can mix liquids with powder ingredients without any problems.

New types of mixers are expected where in one batch 10-15 different liquids can be added and still deliver a homogeneous product. Furthermore, a capacity increase of 20-30% is expected in the near future.

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