News last update:6 Aug 2012

UK floods damage feed and food crops

Farmers feel the impact of the ongoing flood crisis in the UK. The National Farmers Union (NFU) has reported massive crop losses, drowned livestock, and the possibility of the knock-on effects being felt well into the winter months.

Harvest and graded tonnages of seasonal vegetable crops are reported at 50%-60% at present which is sure to affect the industry well into 2008," the NFU warned. Straw availability in the Southwest is also looking to be a major issue this winter - of the straw that is available to bale, the quality is low because of mould. Potato crops across the country have been hit particularly hard, with waterlogged fields preventing machines starting the harvest. Pea crops have been hit in the Northeast and East Midlands, with losses of up to 60%.

Effect on oilseed crops and wheat
Cereal and oilseed crops are reported to be underwater in some areas. The oilseed rape crop in many parts of the country is ready, but again, farmers are struggling to get their machinery onto their waterlogged fields to start the harvest. The barley crop is in a similar situation in the West Midlands, the NFU reported. However, in some areas, the heavy rain and freak hailstorms have battered the oilseed rape crop so much that there is very little to harvest.
The wheat crop appears to have fared somewhat better - the majority of wheat crops across the UK are still set for a reasonable harvest, according to UK cooperative, Grainfarmers. Wheat crop losses to date, from the extreme weather conditions, are limited.

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