News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pakistan to boost oil seeds production

Pakistan is expected to launch National Oilseed Development Projects to enhance edible oil production to meet 50 percent of domestic requirements.

The project is to be launched by Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock (Minfal). The projects will be completed within five years and will enable the country to produce 50 percent of domestic consumption of edible oil, a top official said.

He said that the main objective of these projects are to encourage growers to cultivate oilseed in the country to save huge amount of foreign exchange expenditure on edible oil import.

At present domestic production is sufficient to only meet 28 percent of the demand while the rest has to be imported. Pakistan annually spends about $1.3 billion on import of edible oil to meet the demand for the commodity.

The effort is now to decrease the import bill on account of edible oil. The official said that total area under sunflower cultivation during 2007-08 was about 11,24,000 hectares, while canola seed was cultivated over 4,01000 hectares of land.

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