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Nutritionist to discuss use of DDGS in poultry rations

Poultry nutritionist Phillip Smith of Tyson foods will discuss the use of DDGS in poultry rations at the upcoming Export Exchange 2010 in Chicago.

Currently utilizing approximately 700,000 metric tons of U.S. distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) per year at its US feed mills, Tyson Foods Inc. has utilized DDGS in its rations since April 2004, according to Phillip Smith, poultry nutritionist for Tyson, who will speak at the upcoming Export Exchange 2010.
The Export Exchange 2010 is an international conference focused around the export of US DDGS and coarse grains.
More than 170 international buyers and end-users will gather in Chicago Oct. 6-8, 2010, to meet with US suppliers and producers of high protein feed grains and ingredients.
Co-sponsored by the US Grains Council and the Renewable Fuels Association, the conference will detail current opportunities and constraints as they relate to the export of DDGS and coarse grains.
Practical experience
“We wanted to get some practical experience with the handling and flow of DDGS,” Smith said of Tyson’s use of DDGS.
“We slowly increased the inclusion level of DDGS in poultry diets and now successfully use DDGS in 32 of our 33 US feed mills.”
Smith plans to discuss nutrient values for DDGS during his presentation, noting that including DDGS in poultry rations “can lower feed cost.”
Feed formulator
Phillip Smith began his career with Tastybird Foods as a poultry nutritionist in 1980. Tastybird Foods was later acquired by Tyson Foods Inc.
Currently he formulates broiler feeds for 14 complexes in seven states. Smith also worked with Tyson’s poultry research and as a swine nutritionist in the Tyson swine group.
Additionally, Smith served on the American Feed Industry Association committee working on the committee that established recommended DDGS testing methods, released in 2008.

Dick Ziggers

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