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Russian compound feed industry may soon move to 'synthetic' barley

A new project to manufacture a standardized feed product - "synthetic barley" has recently been presented by Yuri Shushkevich, chief expert of project "Deep processing of soybeans," at a conference of deep processing of grains - "Greyntek."

The representatives of the expert group note that the deficit of feed production in Russia and the CIS may be tackled by a new promising biotechnology of using biofuel crops deposit for the production of a standardized feed product - "synthetic barley," historically a leading grain crop for feed industry.
According to the developers of new techniques, the high nutrient profile and a balanced amino acid composition can be only provided by combining basic feed by-products from the production of biofuels and their subsequent biotechnological modification.
In the list of ingredients of a hypothetical new universal feed product will be distillery grains (45.5%), soy concentrate (3.0%), soybean meal (5.0%), rapeseed meal (2.0%), beet pulp (9.4%), spirulina meal (5.4%) and dehulled lupines (3.0%).
Overall, the total share of biofuel crops by-products will be about 73.3% and the other 26.7% will come from synthetic amino acids and other additives.
It is also reported that prospective biochemical composition of the product will include, in particular, up to 25% protein, 5% fat, 9% crude fiber and 42% of digestible carbohydrates.
The representatives of the expert group noted that the manufacture of the new type of compound feed production could be started already in early 2013 if it will be generously supported by the government.

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    Simon Yee

    All other feed from Barley, Rapseed,etc requires high standard of machinery to clean and also process and very prone to contamination and being synthetic this will break the law on GMO. In the long run this will fail as a viable product if any contaminant gets in the feed chain.
    Better if to use Calcium Salt made from Palm Oil rather than these dangerous concoction.

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    Viren Narkar

    It's a good idea. Would like to know more.
    Viren Narkar

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