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Thermostable keratinase improves feather meal

BioResource International, a North Carolina (USA) agricultural biotechnology company presented its latest results on thermostable keratinase improving the nutritive value of feather meal at the 2011 meeting of the Poultry Science Association, held July 16-19 in Saint Louis, Missouri.

To date, BRI technology has resulted in two products in worldwide distribution: Versazyme and Valkerase, expected to exceed $10 million in 2011 revenues.
The company’s enzyme technology improves the utilization of protein in animal feed, which in turn decreases the amount of corn and soy necessary to grow poultry to market size.
Century anniversary
The meeting marked the 100th meeting of the Poultry Science Association. It was held jointly with the American Association of Avian Pathologists and had close to 800 industry leaders in attendance.
Highlights included symposiums on animal nutrition, policy and regulatory issues, as well as recent scientific breakthroughs.
“We attend this meeting every year to present our latest developments and to learn about trends in the future of animal agriculture," said Giles Shih, BRI chairnman and CEO. “We also use this meeting to find opportunities for further advancement. BRI is on the forefront of feed enzyme technology and our collaboration with other industry leaders has played an important role in our success.”
BRI is an RTP-based biotechnology company focused on harnessing the natural power of enzymes. Founded by father and son team Jason and Giles Shih, BRI so far has developed the twon mentioned that are distributed to more than 80 countries worldwide.

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