News last update:6 Aug 2012

China 2012 rapeseed output 13-14 mln tonnes

China's rapeseed output for 2012 is expected to be between 13 and 14 million tonnes, Ning Gaoning, chairman of the nation's top state-owned grains trader COFCO said, marking a slight increase from its estimated 2011/12 harvest.

But Ning Gaoning said China's corn imports for 2012 are likely to hold steady or even slip from a year ago due to a bumper harvest at home, while soybean imports should rise further this year.
Ning, who spoke on the sidelines of a meeting preceding China's annual parliament session, did not quantify his forecasts for corn and soybean imports.
As part of food and national security policy, Beijing controls most of China's grain imports by insisting about 95% of the country's consumption of certain grains are grown at home.
But some experts argue it is more efficient for China to import grains as farming uses a lot of land and water.

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