News last update:6 Aug 2012

Fermentalg joins forces with French energy commission

The Commission on Atomic and Alternative Energy (CEA) in France has signed an agreement with Fermentalg, a French company specializing in the development of microalgae. This cooperation is to develop research on industrial applications of these micro-cellular organisms.

Omega 3 in the diet, emulsifiers, sunscreens or "surfactants" in cosmetics, or even applying to animal nutrition, pharmacy, chemistry ... all of these properties of microalgae are currently under the microscope of CEA researchers.
The section "Life Sciences" of CEA signed an agreement with Fermentalg, a company specializing in the production of chemical compounds from these micro-algues, with special focus on oils.
Specifically, CEA is to build on the research of "genetic modification of microorganisms" in media deprived of light or oxygen, said Paul Michalet, CFO of Fermentalg.

With these new processes, the production of lipids from microalgae could be accelerated or increased.

"Royalties" from researchers
The contract is set for five years and the financial terms of the partnership already are in place. Upon successful completion of a project in co-development, researchers at CEA "will donate royalties," said Paul Michalet, without specifying the amount.

Fermentalg, founded in 2009, and supported by OSEO in particular, hopes to become a "unavoidable European leader in this area," said its founder, Pierre Calleja in a statement.

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