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University receives £300,000 research grants

Harper Adams University College in the UK has secured around £300,000 in grants to support a series of new research projects and a scholarship scheme in the agriculture field.

The first is a three year PhD studentship looking at the ‘effect of macro nutrients and phytase on mineral digestibility and immunology in weaned pigs’.
This has received £45,000 of funding from AB Vista and Primary Diets and £45,000 from the Silcock Fellowship for Livestock Research.
DEFRA has pledged around £75,000 towards research that will conduct an ‘independent systematic review of impact of on-farm mitigation measures for delivering an improved water environment’.

A grant has been given to support a two year student scholarship scheme in the poultry industry, sponsored by the British Poultry Council.

The final grant is of more than £120,000 for a two year project looking at how to ‘design, optimise and produce a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient micro-scale anaerobic digester for local organic waste processing and energy production at farm/food business scale’.

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  • N.O North

    Grandees are a great thing for both students and universities. When my friend from was going to enter the university, he did not have any money at all, but since he was good at writing essays, he won a grand prize of $ 50,000 in the local Olympiad for study at the university. Also when he came to the university, there was very bad and old equipment in the rooms, but fortunately his university won a grand prize for $ 250,000 and this equipment was installed in modern room. Thank you for this article!

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