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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Restrictions removed from Ontario cattle

Movement restrictions recently placed on 7,700 cattle on farms in Ontario and Quebec have been removed.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has decided that the 83 Ontario farms and four Quebec farms were not exposed to potentially contaminated feed. The agency imposed the movement restrictions in November last year, after a load of cattle feed ingredient suspected of containing a small amount of meat and bone meal was reportedly distributed to two feed mills in Ontario and Quebec. Feed from these mills was then distributed to 113 farms.

As a precaution, all potentially exposed animals were placed under movement control pending a full assessment of the situation. Information subsequently collected and validated has determined that the portion of the feed ingredient delivered to the mill in Ontario did not contain any of the potentially contaminated material. About 2,450 cattle on 26 farms in Quebec remain under movement restrictions.

Further analysis
The CFIA is currently conducting further analysis at the feed mill and on farms to determine if any of these animals did not consume the feed of concern and can be excluded from movement controls.

Animals remaining under restriction have been determined to pose no food safety or animal health risks. Their identification and monitoring allow Canada to continue to meet the technical certification requirements of certain trading partners.

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