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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Feedlogic appoints Australian distributor

Feedlogic Corporation, a leading supplier of swine nutrition technology, has appointed Feedworks as a new independent distributor for the Australian market.

Feedworks will sell Feedlogic's full product line, including the FeedSaver and FEEDPro feed delivery systems and NutriSync software. Based in Romsey, Victoria, Feedworks specializes in sales, service, and support of livestock nutrition solutions.

"We see Feedworks as a valuable partner in introducing our technology to the Australian market," said Drew Ryder, Feedlogic president. "The Australian swine industry is facing significant challenges, particularly related to feed costs. Feedworks has the expertise to assist Australian producers in this area."

Feedworks principal Malcolm Mottram said Feedlogic's technology represents the future of livestock production. "We see a growing need for producers to reduce feed costs by feeding more precisely," he said. "With Feedlogic technology we have a way for them to benchmark their current practices, alter feeding strategies, and reduce overfeeding."

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