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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Record cereal crop forecasted for 2007

World cereal production in 2007 is forecast to increase 4.3% to a record 2.082 million tonnes, according to the April issue of FAO's Crop Prospects and Food Situation report.

The bulk of the increase is expected in maize, with a bumper crop already being gathered in South America, and a sharp increase in plantings expected in the United States, according to the report. A significant rise in wheat output is also foreseen, with a recovery in some major exporting countries after weather problems last year.

FAO forecasts coarse grains production to rise 5.6% to 1.033 million tonnes, and wheat to increase 4.8% to about 626 million tonnes. Global rice production in 2007 could rise marginally to 423 million tonnes in milled terms, about 3 million tonnes more than in 2006, FAO says.

Low-income food-deficit countries
Although still highly tentative, FAO's first forecast indicates that for the group of 82 low-income food-deficit countries, 2007 cereal production could remain around the above-average level of 2006. Following improved 2006 harvests in most of these countries, cereal imports in the 2006/07 marketing year are expected to decline in most regions.
However, despite improved food supplies in many food insecure countries, 33 countries worldwide are in a critical situation, mostly due to conflict and adverse weather, FAO says.
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