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News last update:6 Aug 2012

FDA: Melamine in fish feed poses no risk

The Food and Drug Administration has confirmed that melamine has been found in fish feed at the Marion Folks Hatchery in Oregon.

The manager at the hatchery discontinued use of the feed, labeled as Bio Vita Starter, when the FDA contacted him about testing. The grade of food is used as a starter diet for juvenile salmon and trout. 

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife contacted the company to find out if the feed was shipped to other hatcheries. Representatives from the Skretting Co. confirmed that the same lot was sent to the Willamette, Gnat Creek, Big Creek, Cole Rivers, Butte Falls and Leaburg hatcheries.  Hatchery managers immediately discontinued using any remaining fish feed from the lot in question and notified the FDA.

No risks
The fish feed is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada by the Skretting Co.  It's distributed under the Bio-Oregon label out of Longview, Wash.  Canadian officials said they have no plans to quarantine or test fish that ate feed with low levels of the same chemical that has been linked to the pet-food recall, saying a health assessment indicates that the fish pose no health risk to consumers. However, the use of the lot #32734 feed has been stopped according to Steve Williams, ODFW deputy fish administrator.  

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