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News last update:6 Aug 2012

More checks after GM discovery in NL

US shipments coming into the Netherlands will experience more import checks, following the discovery of genetically modified (GM) maize banned in the EU. The increased number of checks will prevent that more GM raw materials are slipping into the European supply chain undetected, but they could also lead to delays.

The Dutch Food Safety Authority (VWA) announced that it was recalling part of a cargo containing the corn and intended to increase inspections to one in four shipments from one in ten. Dutch authorities traced the origin of the corn, Herculex RW 59122, back to producers Pioneer/Dow and now plan to destroy the crop.

Intended for animal feed
Monsanto's MON863, currently under review by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), was also found to be a contaminant in the shipment. The crop was intended for animal feed, but Greenpeace also found maize flour containing 1.9% GM crops - above the legal limit of 0.9% - on board the ship. Described as GM-free on official documents, the maize was identified in samples taken from a ship by environmental group Greenpeace, with the permission of the captain, in April.

In October, EU countries stepped-up testing of US long-grain rice shipments after two banned GM strains were accidentally imported. In 2005 the VWA carried out 1,582 tests and inspections on ships for GM contamination. Last year it carried out just 175, Greenpeace claimed.

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