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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Korea and US join in animal feed project

A joint venture between Genebiotech, a Korean biotechnology firm, and Nutra-Flo Protein and Biotech Products, a Sioux City, Iowa-based feed ingredient company, will create a high-tech soy fermentation facility in North Sioux City—the first of its kind in the United States, Gov. Mike Rounds announced.

The new business, Nutraferma, will break ground in 2007, and production will begin in early 2008. The company will utilize advanced Korean technology and a solid state fermentation technique to use soy and other plant origin products to manufacture animal feeds. The expansion is being driven by a global demand to supply animal diets with high quality protein sources.

Largest SSF in the US
The partnership is poised to combine several successful animal feed ingredients developed by Genebiotech with the readily available supply of high quality raw materials in the Siouxland area. Once complete, the Nutraferma facility will be the largest solid state fermentation installation in the United States, the news release adds. Nutraferma's parent companies have had a successful business relationship promoting and distributing each other's products since 1996.

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