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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Tests found no pain killer in cat food

Recent testing of cat food yielded no evidence of acetaminophen, according to theUniversity of California Davis' School of Veterinary Medicine.

Earlier this month, ExperTox of Deer Park, Texas, reported it had found acetaminophen, a common pain reliever, in samples of dog and cat food.

Cat food tested
A few weeks ago, the UC Davis' veterinary school tested three cans of cat food provided by an individual whose cat had been diagnosed with kidney failure but not liver failure, which should be the case if acetaminophen were to blame, said Dr. Robert Poppenga, who runs the toxicology section of Davis' California Animal Health and Food Safety System.

“We were told that this was the same food that had tested positive for acetaminophen and cyanuric acid at a private laboratory inTexas,” he said. “We immediately began conducting our own rigorous tests on these foods. All the samples came back negative for this type of contamination.”

No dog food was tested at Davis, Poppenga said.

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