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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Kentucky horse farmers get feed advice

The Kentucky Horse Council, a nonprofit organization based in Lexington, USA has launched its Equine Safety Net program, which is aimed at giving assistance to horses whose owners cannot provide adequate feed due to temporary financial setbacks.

The program, which excludes professional equine businesses, will provide a 30-day supply of feed for horses when the owner is unable to supply adequate nutrition. Owners can apply for feed for a maximum of two horses and may receive assistance once during a two-year period. Applicants must provide evidence of responsible care for their horses in the recent past.

Concern for welfare and health
"This program highlights the Kentucky Horse Council's genuine concern for the health and welfare of horses in our state," Kentucky Horse Council President Madelyn Millard said in a press release. "Often a horse owner is truly caring of their horses, but may run into an unpredictable financial circumstance which forces them to make some very tough choices. This program provides for their animals while giving the owner some time to decide what alternatives they have regarding the long-term care of the horses."

To apply for the Equine Safety Net program, call the Kentucky Horse Council at (859) 367-0509.

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