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News last update:7 Aug 2012

Fibre analysis work by FOSS published

An article describing a FOSS pioneered standard for analysis of fibre in feedstuffs has been accepted for publication in the Journal of AOAC International.

The article entitled 'Gravimetric Determination of Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) and Lignin (ADL) in Feed: Interlaboratory Study' has been written by Dr Jürgen Möller of FOSS. It describes the method behind the new global standard for ADF and ADL that has recently been approved by CEN and ISO (EN ISO 13906:2008). The article is scheduled for publication in the January/February, 2009 edition.

New standard for international trade
The method described in the article is based on the AOAC Official Method 973.18. This makes it possible to use a globally harmonized standard protocol for the determination of Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF) and Lignin (ADL) and opens-up the opportunity to use the ADF and ADL parameters for labelling purposes in international trade.

"The standard enables official bodies to require fibre guarantees on livestock feed labels and it enables international trade on basis of a harmonised protocol," said Möller. Acid detergent fiber is a good indicator of digestibility and thus energy intake. In many countries, the parameter is complementing or replacing crude fibre. The protocol is also used for the determination of protein quality, acid detergent insoluble protein or nitrogen, that is, the protein that is not accessible for digestion.

Fibertec™ system as an optimal solution
The standard is also important for the ISO 17025 accreditation of laboratories using the FOSS Fibertec™ system and for the development of NIR prediction models. Laboratories no longer need to worry about the validity of their methods - by following the standard, the results will be valid worldwide. The Fibertec instrument is an optimal solution and was used at 18 of the 22 labs involved in the inter-laboratory study.

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