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News last update:6 Aug 2012

Ukraine wants apologies for dioxine scandal

Ukraine will insist that Germany apologizes for the scandal over alleged contamination of Ukrainian corn with dioxin. The exporter company does not rule out filing a claim for compensation for liable.

The Ukrainian agriculture ministry reported that it would send an official letter to the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine.
The ministry will ask diplomats to retract in public claims that dioxin had been detected in Ukrainian corn used as chicken feed in Germany.
"The Medved Institute (Kyiv-based Ecohygiene and Toxicology Institute) with international accreditation has issued a conclusion to us that neither dioxin nor furan was found in the supplied corn, the samples of which are stored for six months," Ukrainian Deputy Agriculture Minister Ivan Demchak said.
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According to Demchak, Ukraine should react to restore the country's image as a honest farm produce exporter.
The Ukrainian side has already reported about the results of the examination of the corn in Brussels through the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed.
The deputy minister said that the Ukrainian company, which exported corn, might insist on compensation for the misinformation. However, he said he was not sure if the company would strongly demand that, as there is little corn from that batch remaining.
Demchak believes that after the dioxin scandal, trading partners should more thoroughly check samples of exported foods. However, it is the customer who should bear all additional expenses, he said.
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