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EU debate: Antibiotics in animal feed need more stringent approach

About 50% of the antibiotics administered to animals in Europe. Result is the increasing antibiotic resistance of pathogens, experts warn. The EU Parliament is now demanding responses.

The EU parliament on Tuesday called for increased efforts to combat the increasing antimicrobial resistance in animals. The use of antibiotics in animal husbandry should be limited "to the minimum necessary”.
To curb the problem in the long term, the parliament also called for increased research into alternatives, including vaccinations.
Needed are guidelines on the proper use of antibiotics, which should apply across the EU should be controlled accordingly.
The EU Commission must in the next EU animal health strategy, include a multi-year action plan against resistant pathogens. The Parliament adopted a corresponding motion for a resolution.

Dick Ziggers

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    Have heard of Bacteriophage as an alternative for bacteria treatment, has there been any interest in increase this application?

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